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Those who say "money can't buy happiness"  never bought their child a pony
Here at Storybook Ponies our goal is first and
foremost to produce ponies of excellent temperament
with the ability to be shown successfully by their junior
riders. We believe that ponies are 'made for kids' and
must possess above all the correct disposition to safely
and successfully carry their young riders around the show

Our breeding program focuses on utilizing bloodlines
which are proven to consistently produce "A" / "AA"
circuit champions who are renowned for their
temperament and character. We choose to breed a
limited number of select ponies each year to ensure they
get the individual attention they need and the best
possible start.

In order to ensure our horses and ponies can perform at
their best we provide an individually customized feeding
program which includes only the highest quality products.
To determine optimal nutrition our feeds are fully
analysed giving us the ability to customize each animals
diet. No two horses are the same and we believe that this
should be reflected in their feeding program.

In addition, all of our horses and ponies have access to
pasture turnout throughout the spring, summer and fall.
Aside from the benefits of having fresh grazing, this daily
low impact exercise promotes healthy bone and tissue
development in our young stock which improves
soundness. Our horses and ponies are kept on a routine
and up to date veterinary and farrier schedule tailored to
their individual needs.

We would love to assist you in finding that perfect,
enchanting pony that both children and adults alike can't
help but fall in love with. If we do not have what you are
looking for we may know of someone who does and
would be happy to direct you to other reputable
breeders of quality ponies.